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Jenette Marsano

Jenette Marsano

Jenette is one of the original founding members of Inheritance Advanced. She graduated from Fordham University with a degree in economics. Jenette started her career in the fashion business and then pivoted to the mortgage banking industry. Joining World Savings and Loan, she helped to launch a new office in the NY marketplace. This team went on to be one of the highest producing teams inside the company in less than 18 months. She then transitioned to the portfolio retention side of the house and took on a role inside the San Antonio, Texas, Regional HQ. There she worked to reduce portfolio turnover and foreclosure rates. As a result of her success inside these previous roles she was tapped to start a remote audit team, where they audited funded loans in the portfolio, re-underwrote current deals in process and developed reporting and feedback loop to executive management on their overall analysis

From there Jenette ventured outside of mortgage banking and utilized her vast financial service background and joined Ameriprise Financial. As a professional financial planner, she was able to leverage all her banking and educational experience to help serve customers and investors throughout the Northern Virginia market area.

Most recently, Jenette currently is the General Manager, and VP of Inheritance Advanced. She oversees the sales organization, the company’s CRM development process, and ensures quality throughout the funding process by conducting post underwriting reviews as well as prefunding audits prior to funding. Under her leadership the front end of our operation productivity has more than doubled and has propelled us to being on track to fund $10 million dollars in fundings in 2022.

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