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A simple solution to inheritance issues. Receive what you need without the wait.

The goal of Inheritance Advanced is to provide help in those trying times when everything seems to go downhill. With us, you don’t have to wait until the court finishes its job or depend on your cousins and siblings to split the inheritance.
Life moves on fast, and you will usually have to face various, sometimes unexpected, expenses. In the questions below we answer commonly asked questions about inheritance advances and link to more in-depth resources.

Inheritance Advance Q & A With An Attorney

Probates are complex, and they take a long time. Average probate can take anywhere from 9 to 24 months and sometimes even longer. The fact that all that time you’re mourning the passing of a loved one makes this period even more trying. However, many don’t know that with an inheritance advance, you can gain quick access to a portion of the funds. 

 Getting what your loved ones left you as soon as possible lessens the stress at least a little bit. With Inheritance Advanced, the process is easy and fast and it is up to the individual heir to make the decision. 

When you receive an inheritance advance it does not change probate or distribution for any of the other estate beneficiaries or heirs.

An inheritance advance is the process of bypassing probate –the legal process where the assets of a deceased person are collected and distributed – and getting cash. This cash advance can range anywhere from \$5,000 to \$500,000, depending on the assets at hand. The team at Inheritance Advanced is able to access this and have it in your pocket within 3 to 5 days. An inheritance advance does not delay probate.

The time after losing a loved one is trying enough. Money should not be something you need to stress over. The benefits of working with Inheritance Advanced include:

  • Fast and easy process
  • Zero hidden fees
  • No monthly payments
  • Risk-free guarantee
  • No strings attached

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We are here for you. Whether it’s for funeral expenses, life’s necessities, or anything else, if you need access to your inheritance fast, Inheritance Advanced provides probate advances to customers in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. Contact us today to learn whether you’re eligible.

There really aren’t many downsides to a probate advance. You will receive less money than you would if you waited to go all the way through the court process. But if you receive an advance, you don’t have to wait and many times people are not able to wait due to expenses. A probate advance is a straight forward transaction that provides immediate liquidity to heirs who need their inheritance now.

It really depends on how large the estate is and how much money you need immediately. Advances on inheritance can range anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000, or more.

There are no requirements. The money is yours to do with as you wish, just like it would have been if you waited out the entire probate process to receive it. 

Yes, in fact we have a full program specifically for executors. Learn more about our executor program.

Inheritance Advanced is much more convenient than taking a loan from the bank! With our help, there is no need to get into yet another loan at unfavorable conditions. Inheritance Advanced gets you what already is yours fast, easy, and risk-free.

Here’s what gives us an advantage over any bank:

  • You can use the money the way you want to — it’s not our business
  • It doesn’t matter if you have a good or bad credit score
  • There are no hidden fees — what we quote you upfront, that’s all you will have to pay
  • The process is fast and easy — it takes as little as three days, and everything is done online.

Everything starts with a free consultation. It’s not obligatory in any way. You can contact us and schedule your no-strings-attached appointment, hear what our funding executives have to say, and ask any questions you might have about how everything works. If you decide it’s not for you, there are no consequences whatsoever. If you decide to go through with it, we will guide you in a straightforward and transparent manner

More Probate Resources

We have videos and easy articles that help to answer questions that many heirs have when they enter probate.

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