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John Marsano

John Marsano

Serves as the Current CEO and President of Inheritance Advanced. In this most recent endeavor, he has taken this new organization from startup to $10 million in revenue in within the first four years of operation. Over the course of the last decade Mr. Marsano, has worked inside the specialty finance space helping investors and private equity firms as a turnaround specialist as well as creating new companies that have become market leaders in their respective industries. Prior to starting Inheritance Advanced he was the President and CEO of Novation Ventures. At Novation Ventures, he was able to turn around this organization and return it to being one of the leaders in the structured settlement industries. While there he also launched Sound Royalties which was spun off and sold, as it took the music finance industry by storm by offering writers and artists alternative royalty funding sources. Prior to his ventures in the specialty finance world Mr. Marsano spent the prior 20 years as a mortgage banking executive where he managed at several fortune 100 banks and S&L’s such as Capital One, Golden West Financial and Chevy Chase Bank. Mr. Marsano resides in Palm City, Florida with his wife and children. He is a solid believer in developing and training employees at every level. He believes these are the building blocks in every successful company.

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