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What Is a Probate Advance? Definition, Types And Uses.


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Many estate heirs and executors find themselves in a position where they need money right away. A probate advance is a funding solution that enables heirs and executors to receive money immediately in exchange for a portion of their inheritance distribution once probate is over.

We’ve helped over 1,500 people receive their inheritance money faster in the last two years so we fully understand what you are going through. 

Waiting for probate can cause financial hardship if you have to pay for funeral costs, mortgage fees, home repair and other costs that may be incurred by the estate. Even worse, probate courts have backed up even further as a result of the pandemic which has been widely covered by newspapers all over the country.

Let’s jump right into your options and what a probate advance entails.

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Understanding probate advances is important

Accessing money during probate is difficult because you technically don’t own any of the assets in the estate until the title is legally transferred to you. A probate advance is a way for you to receive funds immediately if you need them, you just sell a portion of your inheritance proceeds in exchange for a lump sum of money. The company providing the probate advance then waits until the probate has concluded and they then receive a distribution of the portion of the probate that you sold them.

A probate advance is different than an estate loan

A probate advance is a typical cash advance that is provided in exchange for the future distribution that will come when the probate is concluded whereas an estate loan is a commercial loan that requires credit checks and assets to back the loan. A probate advance is similar to an inheritance advance or selling your inheritance, whereas an estate loan is more closely related to a probate loan or a loan on your inheritance.

How much can you receive from a probate advance?

Use our inheritance advance calculator to see how much you can receive from an advance immediately without making any monthly payments. You can receive up to 30% of your beneficial interest in the form of a probate advance.

Enter Your Inheritance Value, % Of Estate Ownership taking into account other heirs and expenses like estate administrator costs.

Choose Your Total Estate Value


TIP: deduct loans, administrative fees, legal fees and all other expenses


Select from 1% to 100%


Estimated Advance Amount


What is the structure of a probate advance?

A probate advance is a sale. The heir, beneficiary, or executor sells a portion of their inheritance in exchange for immediate funds. There are no interest payments like there are with a traditional loan or estate loan.

Example of a probate advance

Doctor Lorraine from Pennsylvania had to deal with multiple homes and did not know where to begin in terms of keeping up with the payments and managing the process. She needed a bridge to keep her finances in order and a probate advance was the right financial tool for her. She stated that it was “like sight to the blind or air to the drowning”

Benefits Of Probate Advances

When an inheritance is tied up in probate, it can take a long time to get access to the funds. If you need money now and have no other way of obtaining cash quickly, consider getting a cash advance on your estate for short-term needs. You won’t be paying interest like with credit cards or loans from banks because all that will go towards funding future expenses when you inherit. Plus there are many benefits such as: not needing monthly payments; flexibility around how much you withdraw each month depending on current finances; and being able to use your own bank account where they wire the proceeds so fast!

  • No interest needs to be paid on the money you receive
  • A cash advance from Inheritance Advanced is not a loan
  • You do not need to make monthly payments to pay back the money
  • There are no hidden fees or charges and no cash or credit statements are required to initiate the funding
  • The finance company handles all paperwork regarding the advance and repayment
  • The money is paid back out of the inheritance when the final distribution of probate occurs
  • You can receive funding in less than five business days, and usually within 24-48 hours

Sadly, the passing of a loved one comes with lots of expenses, like fixing a decedent’s house that needs to be repaired before it’s sold or handling funeral expenses. Typically banks will not lend for expenses such as these if the heir seeking the funds does not have creditworthiness.

In a nutshell, this is why probate advances are a great funding vehicle that many heirs decide to take advantage of. 

If the estate is of enough value, they can sign over the rights to their portion of the estate, or a percentage of their portion of the estate in exchange for immediate funds to handle expenses. In fact, many times an inheritance advance is actually referred to as a probate loan, inheritance loan, or estate loan even though it’s really just a cash advance on an estate that has been delayed by the probate court process.

An inheritance cash advance is something you might want to consider if you have recently received an inheritance but it is stuck in the probate court process. Dealing with the death of a family member can be difficult, especially if you were financially dependent on them. If anything that we’ve detailed seems like it explains your personal situation, we’ll tell you everything that you need to know about the probate process.

Obtaining a probate advance

When a loved one passes away, with a will, the person who is the executor gets to be in charge of the probate process. This involves taking inventory of the estate property, ensuring that all estate debts are paid, and seeing that all rightful heirs receive their rightfully owed inheritance.

If a loved one dies, without a will, an administrator will be picked to handle the estate and carry out duties in compliance with the state law where the loved one lived or where the real estate is.

Once again, the probate process can take up to years to fully process through which is why many heirs or executors of estates will seek an advance on their inheritance.

Below is a step-by-step procedure for a probate advance:

  • The consultation
  • Getting the necessary documents ready
  • Deciding on the amount you want as advance
  • Receive the probate advance.

What Is A Probate Advance?

Note that before receiving an inheritance advance, a probate administration should be opened, and an executor should be appointed, after that an accounting of the estate should occur so you know how much money you will be receiving. After that, it is easy for us to provide a probate advance. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Initial consultation

A compassionate of our Funding Executives will explain the process, pricing, and answer any questions you may have about receiving a probate advance. The first step is to fill out a probate advance application where we determine the size of the estate, establish an understanding of where the estate is within the probate process and establish if an estate advance is going to be right for you based on the size of the estate and the number of beneficiaries. Since this is just an advance on the estate, it is not based on a personal credit score.

Step 2: Documentation needed

After the initial consultation, the next step is to review all of your probate case documents. We will begin this step by reviewing the position the probate is currently in and the will of the person deceased if there was one left as well as the beneficiaries. Our team will also review some basic estate information and paperwork to make sure there is enough in the estate fund to access the inheritance advance quickly. We do this so the process goes as smoothly as possible and so you can get cash in hand as soon as possible which is much different than an inheritance loan.

Step 3: Decide on the size of the cash advance

Once you and our friendly team have completed the agreement for the inheritance advance and confirmed the estate assets while making sure you get your rightful inheritance share, then we wire the funds to your bank account of choice right to you. Just like that, a simple and easy process. In most situations, it will only take three business days to get the money. Then, you can rest assured that you have the money you need to get you through these troubling times quickly.

Step 4: Final Step: Receive your inheritance Sooner through probate Funding!

Once you get the cash advance you can use it for whatever you need. When the probate case is complete, the estate is ready for distribution. The Inheritance Advance is paid directly out of your share, without affecting any other Heirs, and the remainder of your inheritance is paid directly to you. No hidden fees, no extra costs, as simple as one, two, three. Inheritance Advanced also offers a rebate for early payment. Can it get any better than that? 


Don't Wait for Probate

Probate Advance Rates



Probate advance rates vary based on the term of the advance. The amount of money the probate advance will cost will be decided up front before any transaction takes place.



Uses for a probate advance



Unlike an estate loan or inheritance loan, a probate advance can be used for anything. Once the probate advance takes place the money belongs to the receiving party and can be used for anything from funeral expenses to children’s tuition or vacations. There are no constraints placed upon the money which is received by the heir. If you need to pay bills and need money for things like funeral costs a cash advance is a great option. You can use the proceeds however you want.

Probate advances are commonly used as follows:



Synonyms for Probate advance

Probate advances and inheritance advances are many times referred to as an estate loanheir loaninheritance loan and probate loan when in reality loans are different from probate advances and inheritance advances based on their structure, obtainability and rates.



Is a probate cash advance a good option for you?



You do not have to have a good credit score to be approved. That is not something we put into consideration when applying for an advance with us. We also do not dictate how and when you use the money you have received. You can finance a car, pay off a real estate mortgage, or buy whatever you would like – we do not hold it against you.

Legal Disclaimer: Please note that Inheritance Advanced is not a lender. Inheritance advance does not provide probate loans, inheritance loans, or estate loans, rather, an advance on a portion of proceeds signed over to Inheritance Advanced. Inheritance Advanced is also not a probate attorney and any information in this article should not be misconstrued as legal advice. We recommend that you seek the advice of an attorney, CPA, and tax attorney regarding any decisions pertaining to your probate.

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Get Your Inheritance Money Now!

Our Inheritance Cash Advances help heirs receive a portion of their inheritance payout in just a few days. We then wait and are paid directly out of your share when the estate finally closes. We wait for probate so that you don’t have to. Click below and fill out our short form to receive an advance immediately.

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Get Your Inheritance Money Now!

Our Inheritance Cash Advances help heirs receive a portion of their inheritance payout in just a few days. We then wait and are paid directly out of your share when the estate finally closes. We wait for probate so that you don’t have to. Click below and fill out our short form to receive an advance immediately.

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