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“$15k Same Day” is a promotional program that offers qualifying Customers the opportunity to get a portion of a pre-approved inheritance advance within 24 hours.  Inheritance Advanced puts cash in your pocket, when you need it!


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What Is “15K Same Day”?

Probate is the legal process of distributing inheritance funds to the rightful heir(s). This process can often take well over a year to complete and for Heir’s to be paid. With all your Probate documents in order, Inheritance Advanced, can deliver a portion of your inheritance cash in as little as 3 days. And you may qualify for our innovative ALI program, “$15k Same Day”, that puts inheritance cash in your hands fast.

Do I Qualify For “15K Same Day”?

In order to determine if you qualify for same day pay, simply fill out an online application or call an ALI Funding Executive to start the conversation.

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Benefits of Working with Inheritance Advanced

If you are in the Probate process and need cash now, we can help with an Inheritance Cash Advance.

  • Our process is fast, easy and secure.
  • “No Income, No Credit, No Problem”
  • No monthly payments
  • Fast access to your Inheritance money

Interested in Learning More About Our “$15k Same Day” Inheritance Advance?

We believe it is your option to get the money you’re entitled to and spend it how your loved one would’ve wanted you to. With our “$15k Same Day” inheritance advance program, you can do just that.

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Our Inheritance Cash Advances help heirs receive a portion of their inheritance payout in just a few days. We then wait and are paid directly out of your share when the estate finally closes. We wait for probate so that you don’t have to. Click below and fill out our short form to receive an advance immediately.

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