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What Is a Distributee? Definition, Uses and Importance.

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A legal representative of an estate.

He or she is seen as the “legal heir” and is the perfect fit to inherit a testator’s estate, according to the law, and if there’s no will. Another name for a distributee is “next of kin or heir-at-law”.

Depending on the state or country, you will be required to notify a decedent’s distributees once you probate the will. This notice is important because it allows the distributees to contest the accuracy of the will, especially if they think there’s something wrong with it. 

If you own a real estate property, there are several reasons you can decide to not allow your heirs to inherit them. It can be that the heir is your relative whom you are not so close to. Or, the fact that you’re not on good terms with immediate members of your family. Whatever the reason may be, it’s advised that you relate your concerns with your real estate planning lawyer to ensure that your wishes are properly documented. 

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