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Glossary Of Common Probate Terms

The intent of this glossary is to provide individuals going through probate with a general understanding of terms commonly used in Probate Law and their application. The definitions within this document are not comprehensive and are not intended to serve as a substitute for independent research of the law or for a probate attorney. We have however, reviewed the terms and we have worked with members of the law to check and review our content to provide you with the best and most up to date information. We believe that probate can be confusing and understanding the different terms is very important to navigate the process.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute to our glossary, please feel free to visit our contact page.

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  • In probate, a beneficiary is described as an individual who is entitled to gifts gotten from an estate or property of a deceased person.  The gifts a beneficiary will get can be placed under a will. If there isn't a will, then the(...) Read More
  • Bequeath is a legal term used to describe the act of leaving or gifting someone an item. This gifting is usually done following the demands of a deceased's will or testament.  When you bequeath property to someone, a group of persons, or an(...) Read More
  • A bequest is a gift of personal property that is made through a will. A bequest can be made to a specific person, an organization, or a group of people. A bequest can take many different forms. For example, it could be a specific item of(...) Read More
  • A blocked account in probate refers to cash or securities that are placed in a bank subject to withdrawal upon court order. A blocked account is a bank or other account created by court order, requiring a court order to deposit or withdraw(...) Read More
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  • A document that guarantees the victim will be compensated if a person occupying the trust does not carry out his or her legal and ethical responsibilities. If an executor, trustee, or guardian wrongfully deprives someone of their property(...) Read More
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  • A bypass trust is a legal arrangement that prevents a married couple from paying tax on real estate properties and other assets when one of the spouses becomes deceased.  Most times, couples who have enough assets gain more from the bypass(...) Read More

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