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What Is a Chattel? Definition, Uses and Importance.

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A Chattel is a legal term for describing an individual’s personal properties that can be transferred from one location to another. A chattel can be an animate or inanimate object like a vehicle, tool, musical instruments, furniture, hogs, jewelry, etc.

Through a chattel mortgage, anyone can easily borrow a property. It can depreciate faster and that’s why they, alongside other personal properties, are kept apart from real estate properties like land. 

When it comes to rights, the court and other legal systems do not classify chattel and real estate under the same rights. For real estate, the limitations are longer and may prove difficult to overturn in the long run.

There are certain exceptions to the chattel rule and they include:

  • Properties or items that were mainly reserved and used for business purposes
  • Money
  • Properties that are in the deceased possession at the time of their death. It can be an investment.

Why is Chattel important?

Chattel is important because it allows you to sell off your properties when you no longer want to keep them. It also allows people to borrow or rent your properties through the establishment of a chattel mortgage. This means that having a chattel is a means of encouraging income flow.

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Also, chattel helps you to minimize implications associated with inheritance tax that may affect the proceeds from your estate. That way, you maximize the chances of your beneficiaries reaping from your personal.

How is Chattel structured?

Like you already know, a chattel isn’t meant to be fixed on a particular spot, either by their weight or any other thing. You will know a chattel by its size which is usually small and belongs to the owner. This, however, does not mean that inbuilt house furniture is included.

A lot of people do not know the significant difference between a chattel and a fixture. A chattel can mean a fixture if it has been permanently fixed o a spot and cannot be transported to a different location. If it will lead to damage to another property when removed, then it is considered a fixture. 

Lifespan Of a Chattel 

If a chattel is non-wasting, tangible, and moveable, it is expected to have a lifespan of over 50 years. Examples of such chattels that fall in this category are antiques and fine art.

How is a Chattel Used?

A lot of times, when people are preparing their will, they tend to focus more on items with high-ticket value. Some of which include shares, insurance, stocks, property, insurance, etc. What many have failed to understand, though, is that an estate isn’t limited to just that.  This is where chattels come in.

Chattels are usually found in a person’s residence or estate after they die. In simpler terms, chattels describe personal belongings – you can easily pick them up and move them like cameras, clothes, jewelry, art collection, and the likes.  Pets are also included sometimes.

If you wish to sell or transfer the ownership of a chattel to another person, there is no need to wait for permission from a probate court before going ahead with your plans. However, you must make sure that you are rightfully named as the executor or have other legal documents to prove that you are entitled to sell the property if the owner is deceased.

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There’s chattel mortgage and loan; you can use them to acquire new properties. If a loan is acquired through a movable item in your home or a chattel, the person who is lending will hold an interest in the property.

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Other ways to say chattel are:

What is Inheritance Tax?

When it comes to analyzing the overall value of an estate, personal chattels are highly considered. That’s why it’s important to ensure that they are valued correctly. Knowing this helps you to distribute your personal belongings according to what your will is saying.

So, if your wish is to split your estate or properties into two or three equal parts, you need to be sure of the value of the chattel to enable equal distribution.

Further, it will allow you to easily tell the items that you may likely give someone. The gift will not be included as a part of the inheritance tax.

For example, while civil partners and spouses are alive, some gift items between them may not be included as the inheritance tax. However, other gift items may only attract a discounted amount of inheritance tax. This discount is known as “tapered relief”

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