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Sindy Johnson

Sindy Johnson

Sindy Johnson works as a Funding Executive. She was born in Monterrey, Mexico. She graduated as an Industrial Engineer in 2004. She was raise in an entrepreneurial family. Her parents had multiple businesses when she was growing up. One of the businesses was manufacturing clothing which they owned for 28 years. Sindy was very involved in the administrative side of the business, therefore she has a big passion for business. She believes in following your dreams and working very hard for them. In 2007 she moved to United States when she got married. Sindy has a big inclination for learning other cultures. Coming from Mexico and starting a new life in United States, she learned to be adaptable in time of changes. Sindy had the opportunity to experience life from two different countries helping her to look at things with different perspectives. She values the strengths of each culture. Over the past years Sindy have worked in diverse areas like Sales, Human Resources and Management, Administration and Production Processes. Sindy is proactive, she is results-driven, she has strong professional values and personal values, she is self-managed and she is knowledgeable in business administration and production processes. Sindy is the Mother of three beautiful children, she loves to spend time with her family and friends. Sindy enjoys traveling, shopping, dancing, cooking and much more.

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