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Norman Gonzalez

Norman Gonzalez

Norman Gonzalez

Team Lead

Norman Gonzalez

Norman Gonzalez accelerated career can be traced back to 2000 when he was welcomed on board as a financial consultant. He immediately demonstrated a deep grasp of financial controls, auditing, processes, policies, financial planning & analysis, earning a brand as a rising leader. It is this unique strength that has led to repeated Internal and external recruitment throughout his career, enabling a different and fresh perspective in building and leading financial units. Norman is an influential communicator and has shaped a credible executive presence and it is credited to reaching beyond the traditional finance role to deliver transformations in operations and business growth. Very much into sports, traveling, enjoying great food, and spending quality time with my family and close friends. I am very passionate about helping others and it comes from a loving family that taught me the principals in life and how important giving, listening and being able to help people gives me much gratification.

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