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Jose Cepero

Jose is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University where he studied Sports Management, this background has helped him manage the great relationships not only with his clients but those close to him as well. Jose goes above and beyond to ensure the highest level of customer service is delivered if the customer is not satisfied, he is not satisfied and will find a solution to ensure customer satisfaction. Jose is no stranger to customer service, spending the past year of my career in the telecom industry helping customers with their IT issues and providing resolutions for customers and businesses. Jose has a passion for helping people dating back to when he was a basketball coach at the YMCA and help young kids not only develop their basketball skills but ensured it was a fun and healthy environment. Jose is being innovative in providing different solutions in different situations when it comes to the financial industry not only for his previous companies or his customers. Jose was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic moving to Florida when he was 5 years old growing up in Palm Beach county throughout his whole life. Jose has helped many Spanish speaking clients through his career and is always a resource since he is fluent in Spanish reading and writing. He still works in his community whether it is with his church or still training young kids in basketball and coaching them not only on the court but being a coach in life. Being from South Florida Jose is a big fan of the Miami Heat and Miami Dolphins always watches the games and enjoys watching with family and friends.

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