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Bill Kosar

Bill Kosar

Bill has brought his background skills and intuitiveness to the inheritance funding industry. He currently oversees underwriting functions at Inheritance Advanced, LLC, tapping into the various resources of financial and legal operations to balance risk and reward in a dynamic market. Working daily with a highly motivated growing sales staff is truly exciting from evaluating opportunities and training for risk assessment, to contributing to the growth and success of corporate goals. For several years, Bill has contributed his time working with non-profit establishments in Treasurer and financial roles. He has enjoyed making a difference in their overall financial administration, forecasting, and investment. Previously for almost three decades, Bill had worked in the banking industry in retail operations, underwriting, and mortgage sales. His experience spanned a wide range of areas. This included excellent customer service skills guiding clients to their goals, developing business plans for top-producing teams, elevating real estate agents’ production, contract negotiation, evaluating property characteristics and large-volume credit risk. Bill was educated in the arts and economics. He grew up in a traveling Navy family eventually making northern Virginia home before relocating to Florida. He enjoys travelling with his family.

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