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Adrian Dickerson

Adrian Dickerson Jr - Research Manager 2-min

Adrian Dickerson

Research Manager

Adrian Dickerson Jr - Research Manager 2-Min

Adrian Dickerson coordinates, manages, and leads a team providing all aspects of the Research Department. A big believer in hard work and consistency. Adrian is no stranger to sales, having spent the early years of his career in the service industry sharpening his customer service skills then transitioning into telecommunication sales and applying different sales techniques to become a part of the president’s club at his previous company. Before joining Inheritance Advanced in 2021, Adrian worked for a diverse range of organizations, including large corporations & small businesses throughout the state of Florida. In these roles, Adrian was responsible for generating profit from sales for the company and overseeing the training and development of new employees. Adrian specializes in being a multipurpose tool for the company and being able to jump into any position and overcome any obstacles in his way. He is adept at man-management and leadership training providing new employees with the tools to be successful at every company he has worked for. He has successfully served a range of clients, including Lawyers, Doctors, and Entrepreneurs generating sales for the organization and satisfied clients. A native of Florida, Adrian enjoys supporting Liverpool FC, playing soccer, golfing, and spending time with his family and friends.

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