Oregon Probate Laws & Inheritance Advance Options

The probate process is not required in Oregon if the decedent has set up a trust (or family trust) which in most cases helps their estate to avoid probate. 

The probate process of probate in Oregon can be a frustrating ordeal for those who go through it first-hand. Oregon is one of 10 states that have an estate tax.

How long does probate take in Oregon?

In non-pandemic times, the probate assets (personal property) within an estate in Oregon can take anywhere from 9 months to 3 years to be distributed from the decedents estate. The inheritance and probate process in Oregon can be very complicating. There are different variables including the following:

  • Size of the estate which dictates how long an inventory of assets will take
  • The amount of beneficiaries in the estate
  • How fast the executor of the estate can push the process along
  • If the will is contested
  • Probate Court Timelines

Probate proceedings take a long time. In addition, courts have been forced to go remote as a result of the pandemic, and thus have been slowed down as a result. There have been many articles recently published on the delay in the court system which has caused a lot of anguish to estate heirs. You cannot distribute any assets to heirs until the estate goes through the legal process of probate. Doing so before the probate is closed can lead to legal issues for the executor and cause headaches for everyone involved. In this article we go over laws specific to Oregon  as well as ways that you can receive your inheritance cash now.

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Oregon Probate Laws

How to avoid probate in Oregon

  • Hire a good estate planning attorney
  • Open bank accounts and designate heirs as beneficiaries of the accounts
  • Add a ‘transfer on death’ deed to any real estate you own
  • Create a revocable living trust
  • Make sure any real property is owned with tenants by entirety or has a beneficiary.

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Oregon Probate Questions

Here are some helpful resources to utilize when you enter into the probate process in Oregon due to a loved one’s death and it can help you answer more questions about probate: 

Most estates in Oregon must pass through the probate process, there are a few exceptions. For those who meet certain criteria, simplified proceedings known as small estate proceedings may be available.

No, all estates do not have to go through probate in Oregon. Joint tenancy often works well when couples (married or not) acquire real estate, vehicles, bank accounts or other valuable property together in Oregon each co-owner must own an equal share. If joint tenancy of assets are in place, then they do not have to pass through the probate process in Oregon

The largest cost in probate is always the Attorneys’ fees. In Do all estates have to go through probate in Oregon, like most states, Attorney’s fees are based on the number of hours billed and the lawyer’s hourly rate. The cost for simple estates can range from $2,000 to $5,000 while more complicated cases may reach up to ten times that amount.

You can avoid probate in Oregon by taking some of the following precautions to protect your assets:
  1. Revocable living trusts.
  2. Make sure any real property is owned with tenants by entirety or has a beneficiary. This is referred to as joint tenancy ownership, otherwise known as “tenants by entirety”
  3. “Payable on death” designations.
  4. Life insurance.
  5. Retirement accounts that have a designated beneficiary.
  6. Having an estate of less than an amount which is designated by the state to be considered a “small estate.”
  7. Create a revocable living trust

Probate Code And Oregon Law Resources:

Oregon Probate Resources: https://www.osbar.org/public/legalinfo/1117_Probate.htm https://www.courts.oregon.gov/courts/lincoln/help/Pages/probate.aspx https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/bills_laws/ors/ors113.html https://oregon.public.law/statutes/ors_volume_3 You can find the government probate resources here: Do You Regularly Help Oregon Residents? Yes, we’ve helped people from the following counties in Oregon with Inheritance Advanced. Multnomah County Washington County Clackamas County Lane County Marion County Jackson County

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An inheritance cash advance is your best option when you need an influx of cash following the death of a loved one. The cash can be used for anything you deem necessary. 

Get Money Now If You Are In Probate

We provide immediate cash funding so you don't haveto wait for probate to receive money. Click the button below and fill out the form to receive money immediately.

Probate Advance For Oregon Heirs

If you are waiting for probate in Oregon, it can be a long wait. Probate is taking are stuck in the process of probate in Oregon you might have thought about borrowing against your estate or getting a mortgage on a property in probate. This is commonly referred to as an estate loan, traditional bank loan or probate loan. It’s important to understand the difference between probate loans in Oregon and an advance on your inheritance money. Inheritance advances are a much simpler process when compared to a probate loan because you don’t have the traditional requirements of a bank loan with credit checks and repayment terms on assets.

When you apply for a probate loan, you need to go through the traditional loan application process. It can be time consuming and difficult because of credit requirements and a lengthy application to be completed either online or with a representative at the bank. Thus, like probate, there can be no end in sight for many heirs.

Common Inheritance Advance Questions

Your credit score does not impact whether or not you are approved, how much you are approved for, or the interest rate. It also does not affect any other heirs in the estate.

A probate advance can help you pay the bills, buy or fix up an inherited property to sell it faster and much more. There is no designation required as to how you will spend the money and acquirement of this loan may happen anywhere from one day after applying through 48 hours later.

You can get your cash within 24-72 hours with a stress free and considerate process. Just submit an application and once we verify that you are a true probate heir, you have an option to receive an advance right away.

The rate of the probate advance is based on how far along you are in the probate process. A probate cash advance is not an inheritance loan, where interest rates are required. In fact, a probate advance is the same as an inheritance cash advance and is actually a sale of your future inheritance proceeds in exchange for immediate money. Since we haveto wait for the final probate distribution to be paid back, we will calculate the rate markup on the inheritance cash advance based on how long we will have to wait for probate to finish. 

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Our experienced team is compassionate, caring, and understanding. We know how difficult it is to wait for probate, that is why we give you your funds now and wait for probate ourselves, so you don’t have to.