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5 Smart Ways to Utilize The Money From an Inheritance Advance

How Can You Use The Money From Inheritance Advance?

The internet is a place of endless possibilities, and it has undeniably changed the course of humanity, making it one of the greatest inventions in our history. However, just like many things in life, too large an amount of an otherwise enjoyable or beneficial thing can be harmful.  For instance, similar to other harmful substances, […]

What is an estate loan? Definition and guidelines

Estate Loan

When faced with a long wait for an inheritance, many people start looking for ways to receive an early distribution in the form of an estate loan. An estate loan is a loan that occurs during probate that lasts for the term of the probate process and requires interest payments. Many times an estate loan […]

Inheritance Loans: Can You Get a Loan on Your Inheritance?


Many people search for inheritance loans when they are in the long probate process and waiting to receive a distribution of probate assets. An inheritance loan is a form of lending that beneficiaries, heirs, and executors seek while waiting for the final distribution of probate. Many people find themselves in this situation, so you aren’t […]

What Is a Probate Advance? Definition, Types And Uses.


Many estate heirs and executors find themselves in a position where they need money right away. A probate advance is a funding solution that enables heirs and executors to receive money immediately in exchange for a portion of their inheritance distribution once probate is over. We’ve helped over 1,500 people receive their inheritance money faster […]

Does Getting An Inheritance Advance Delay Probate?

Does Getting An Inheritance Advance Delay Probate

If you get an inheritance advance will it cause the probate case to be delayed? No, receiving an inheritance advance does not add any real extra steps to the probate process. When receiving an inheritance advance a contract is signed with the funding company called an assignment of beneficial interest. What is an assignment of […]

How Do Probate Loans Work? (A Comprehensive Guide To Get Quick Funding)


If you are the heir or beneficiary to an estate and have found yourself stuck in the probate process waiting to receive your final distribution, you may have started to look into loan options to receive your money faster. A probate loan is a loan from a bank that is secured by an asset or […]

What is an Heir Loan? Definitions, Uses and Structure


When someone dies, their estate transfers ownership to heirs named in their will or legal documentation. Even when everything is clearly spelled out, this process can take months, sometimes even years to settle. Until probate is completely settled, heirs cannot access their new assets. As a result, heir loans and cash advances are available to […]

Probate Loan Rates and Estimated Interest Costs


Probate loans are a loan made against inheritance while the heir is waiting to receive a probate distribution. Many heirs and beneficiaries of an estate might need money before probate is finished so they look for a probate loan. Probate lenders evaluate the size of the estate and then charge a high-interest rate which is […]

7 Ways to Receive An Early Distribution Of Probate (Inheritance Funding)


Receiving your inheritance early may look like a straightforward procedure but it can take a long time to go through probate. If you are a beneficiary or an heir, you might have to wait anywhere from 9 months to 3 years to receive your inheritance if it is in probate. Actually receiving your inheritance can […]

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