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What Is a Substituted Judgement? Definition, Uses and Importance.

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The courts can order a conservator to take certain actions relating the estates of their clients. This includes making gifts or transferring assets into trusts for them, among other things

Debtors must pay their creditors a certain amount of money in accordance with an agreed-upon payment plan in order to receive their stipulated judgment from the court. An agreed judgment is typically obtained by a debtor in an attempt to settle the debt with a creditor who has sued for repayment of the money owed, as well as any costs and interest related with the lawsuit.

Creditors who have successfully obtained a civil judgment against a debtor may ask the court to compel the debtor to make payments, which may include making voluntary payments or having their pay docked. Due to the threat of garnishment and other collection actions, debtors who are in arrears may petition the court for an agreed-upon judgment.

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