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What Is a Special Administrator? Definition, Uses and Importance.

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When someone is appointed as the “special administrator” of an estate during an emergency or challenge, they have a limited time to maintain and preserve it. The role does not necessarily mean that they will take over probate proceedings from where those who are qualified in this area left off- rather their duty includes maintaining all aspects necessary for running such estates while also following any laws regarding these matters according with fairness between heirs.

A special administrator is a court-appointed individual who serves as the executor of a portion of an estate that has been designated by the court. The executor of the deceased person’s car collection, for example, would choose a specific administrator with experience in automobiles. A special administrator can also take charge of an entire estate, but only for a short period of time (in case of emergency). Rather than taking over the administration of the estate, the special administrator’s role is to ensure its smooth running.

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