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What Is a Pro Tempore? Definition, Uses and Importance.

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A temporary, substitute commissioner or referee who is acting in place of another when they are not available.

The Latin word for “for the time being” can be translated as pro tem which means “temporarily;” this same meaning applies to those assigned this role by law until such time that their appointment expires without renewal.

Pro tempore is a Latin word that translates into English as ‘for the time being.’ This term is frequently used to refer to someone who serves as a de facto superior in the absence of a superior. For instance, appoint a Judge Pro Tempore. A judge pro tem may be a judge who is filling in for another judge temporarily or an attorney who has been appointed to act as a judge in place of a regular judge. Legislative bodies may have one or more pro tempore officers. In the United States, the phrase is frequently used to refer to the Mayor’s position in municipalities such as cities and towns.

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