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What Is a Devisee? Definition, Uses and Importance.

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A person or entity who inherits property from a will.

It is a legal term that now means any real property under the terms of a will. It used to be only referring to immovable assets, but is expanding its meaning in an effortless manner!

A Devisee Is Different Than a Legatee

A devisee is different from a legatee in the sense of the type of assets that they are receiving. A legatee receives tangible personal assets while a devisee receives real property. Real property is an immovable asset such as land or a dwelling.

Process for a devisee to receive property

Specific bequest refers to any specific property given to individuals in a will. The key to this phrase is that the property is unmistakable and the intended recipient is also without question. For example, John bequeathed his house at 123 Property Street to his daughter Lela.

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